MATLAB Wrapper Fix for SDK 2015-1-30

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MATLAB Wrapper Fix for SDK 2015-1-30

Please replace the content of the file that comes with SDK 2015-1-30 with the following. Basically, the input "file_name" has been renamed as "solar_resource_file". And there is a new mandatory input called "adjust:factor". Developers, please make the necessary changes in the coming release for the sake of the little MATLAB community that uses SAM. (*.m file is attached if anyone is interested)

Best Regards,
Dr. A. B. M. Nasiruzzaman
Research Fellow,
Centre for System Intelligence and Efficiency (EXQUISITUS),
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
College of Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore 639798

% SSC SDK - MATLAB example
% example script to run PVWatts



% create a data container to store all the variables
data = SSC.ssccall('data_create');

% setup the system parameters
SSC.ssccall('data_set_string', data, 'solar_resource_file', '../../examples/abilene.tm2');
SSC.ssccall('data_set_number', data, 'adjust:factor', 0);
SSC.ssccall('data_set_number', data, 'system_size', 4);
SSC.ssccall('data_set_number', data, 'derate', 0.77);
SSC.ssccall('data_set_number', data, 'track_mode', 0);
SSC.ssccall('data_set_number', data, 'tilt', 30);
SSC.ssccall('data_set_number', data, 'azimuth', 180);

% create the PVWatts module
module = SSC.ssccall('module_create', 'pvwattsv1');

% run the module
ok = SSC.ssccall('module_exec', module, data);
if ok,
% if successful, retrieve the hourly AC generation data and print
% annual kWh on the screen
ac = SSC.ssccall('data_get_array', data, 'ac');
disp(sprintf('pvwatts: %.2f kWh',sum(ac)/1000.0));
% if it failed, print all the errors
disp('pvwattsv1 errors:');
while 1,
err = SSC.ssccall('module_log', module, ii);
if strcmp(err,''),
disp( err );

% free the PVWatts module that we created
SSC.ssccall('module_free', module);

% release the data container and all of its variables
SSC.ssccall('data_free', data);

% unload the library

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