Solar Photovoltaic Parametric Analysis

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Paul Gilman
Solar Photovoltaic Parametric Analysis

I am having an issue setting up the parametric study for the solar photovoltaic simulation. When I add the tracking mode for each of my 4 sub arrays as variables (Tracking Mode 1, Tracking Mode 2, Tracking Mode 3 and Tracking Mode 4) , it lets me set the variable values for Tracking Mode 1 and 2 to the 4 tracking options (Fixed, 1 axis, 2 axis, and Azimuth Axis) but when I try and edit the variable values for Tracking Modes 3 and 4 it gives me a number range like it would for a variable like tilt angle. Is this a bug with the system?

Yes, that is a bug that we will fix in the next version. Thank you for pointing it out.

For now, you can work around the issue by using the following numbers for subarrays 3 and 4:

0 = fixed
1 = 1 axis
2 = 2 axis
3 = azimuth axis

For example, to run parametric simulations for subarray 3 with fixed and 1-axis tracking:

Screenshot of parametrics input page

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