PV Array Sizing Voc

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Paul Gilman
PV Array Sizing Voc

After I input data in the Location and Resource, Module, Inverter and Array tabs it appears the ‘String Voc’ in the ‘Actual Layout’ box in the Array tab does not reflect the max/ min temperature for the location, It looks like I need to do a separate calculation for ambient temperatures below 25 deg C or am I missing something, thanks.

When you model a PV system in SAM, it is up to you to choose an array layout appropriate for your design. The rudimentary array sizing tool on the Array page is intended to help new users get started with simulations rather than as a rigorous sizing tool. It uses only the module and inverter nameplate ratings along with the DC capacity and DC-to-AC sizing ratio you provide to calculate the numbers of modules and inverters -- it does not use any data from the weather file.

For a description of SAM's array sizing algorithm, see SAM Help - Sizing the Flat Plate PV System.

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