Depreciation in SamUL

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Paul Gilman
Depreciation in SamUL

For the Utility IPP model, the depreciation selections are radio buttons. The only list of script input variables I have been able to find is looking for percentages. What are the script commands to change the depreciation options?

There are two sets of depreciation variables for the Utiltiy IPP model: One for federal depreciation, and one for state depreciation.

The variable populated by the radio buttons is either depreciation.fed.type or depreciation.state.type. Unfortunately, those variables do not appear in the SamUL input variable list, so you will have to type the names by hand.

Here is a sample script you can use for testing. Before running the script, look at the inputs on the Depreciation input page, then run the script, and see how the script changes the inputs. (Click Edit under State/Custom to see how the script assigns values to the  custom depreciation schedule.)

'//   Sample SamUL script demonstrating how to set 
'//   depreciation inputs for Utiltiy IPP financial model.

SetActiveCase("New CSP Molten Salt Power Tower Case 1")

'Depreciation type for federal and state depreciation:
' 0 = No Depreciation
' 1 = 5-yr MACRS
' 2 = Straight Line
' 3 = Custom

SetInput( "depreciation.fed.type" , 2) 'federal straight line depreciation
SetInput ( "depreciation.fed.years" , 6 ) '6 year period for federal straight line depreciation

depr_sched = array(10,15,7) '3 year custom depreciation schedule
SetInput ( "depreciation.state.type" , 3 ) 'custom state depreciation schedule
SetInput( "depreciation.state.custom" , depr_sched) 'schedule for state custom depreciation schedule

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