Geothermal Model

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Paul Gilman
Geothermal Model

For SAM geothermal model sometime when I set the production well flow rate not high enough I can get 0 in pump depth, work, and size. I found that the lower limit will depend on the reservoir temperature and number of well. If I get 0 pump work is that meant the system running without the need of pump? Don't the pump is always needed to pump the water to the reservoir.

SAM's geothermal calculations are based on regression analysis of empirical data, and are therefore only valid for inputs between certain ranges.  When you run the model, SAM checks the input values to see if they are outside of the acceptable ranges. If they are, it sets the pump depth, work, and size to zero, and displays a warning message at the bottom of the input page. The zero values are more likely an indication that some of your inputs are outside of the model's valid range than an indication that the system does not require a pump.

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