Comparing different rates

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Paul Gilman
Comparing different rates

Is there a way to compare results under different rate schedules. For example, can I show savings when a customer adds solar and moves to a different rate entirely. Specifically, I have a SCE customer currently in rate TOU-8-CPP and would like to show net savings they would realize by moving to rate schedule TOU-8-R. It seems that SAM gives the value of the energy offset under the rate schedule as defined under "Utility Rate", but does not show the net savings compared with what they would have paid under their current rate.

When you run SAM using either the Residential or Commercial financial model, it calculates the value of electricity generated by the renewable energy system by comparing the building or facility annual electric bill with and without the system. As you note, the comparison assumes that both scenarios use the same utility rate structure, which is typically not the case.

One of the sample files included with SAM (to see a list, on the File menu, click Open sample file) shows how to use a SamUL script to calcluate the energy value based on two different rate structures: One for the scenario with the renewable energy system, and the other for the scenario without. To explore that approach, open the SamUL Cost Savings with Different Rate Structures.zsam sample file, save it, and then go to the "SamUL Compare Different Rate Structures" tab to see the script. The green text at the top of the script tells you what to do and explains how the script works.

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