Photovoltaic Reports Issue

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Paul Gilman
Photovoltaic Reports Issue

In SAM 2014.1.14, there is are two mistake in the report template for the photovoltaic models (flat plate PV, PVWatts system, and high-X concentrating PV). These mistakes only affect the PDF report, and not the results displayed in SAM's user interface or exported to CSV or Excel.

1. In the Annual Results box at the bottom of the first column on Page 1 of the report, the units for horizontal solar and incident solar should be kWh/m2 instead of kW/m2.

2. The report shows a value of zero for the Incident solar radiation value in the same box.

To fix this problem, you can replace the four photovoltaic report templates in your SAM installation with the ones attached to this post. By default in Windows, the reports are in the following folder: C:\SAM\2014.1.14\exelib\reports.

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