SDK with DSIRE Database

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Paul Gilman
SDK with DSIRE Database

We are currently with the SDK in order to build a highly simplified version of SAM that will provide a person with a rough look at the cost of wind and solar systems at a particular location. The team has worked through the support documentation, however, one thing that we have been unable to find is a way to download the weather data and the DSIRE incentives for a particular location within the SDK environment. I can conceive referencing a folder of .srw files for the weather data, but the DSIRE incentives are less easy to obtain. I was wondering if there is something that I am missing within the documentation that will enable the team to download these incentives directly from the web instead of a referencing a file. I'm sorry if this request is not clear but I am not a programmer by education and am doing my best working through the different parts. Thanks very much for your time.

SAM uses a set of NREL web services to communicate with various internet databases. You can see the list of these services in the text file webapis.conf in the SAM installation folder (C:\SAM\2013.9.20 by default in Windows).

For the DSIRE database, SAM uses the Energy Incentives API. That and other APIs are accessible through the NREL Developer's Network website, where you can sign up for an API key.

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