Where are the batteries

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Where are the batteries

I have looked around and did not find any info on the batteries.

Paul Gilman

Update October 26, 2015: SAM's detailed photovoltaic model does now support battery storage. For an introductory video, see https://sam.nrel.gov/node/69635

SAM does not have a battery (electricity storage) model. For all of the technologies, including photovoltaic systems, it assumes that the system is connected to the grid.
Best regards, Paul.


HUH?????? I am confused. Even being tied to the grid I want my system to run on its own at night. This requires batteries. I want to remain on the grid so I can sell power back when I have the excess.
A home or small business will greatly benefit with a Grid battery configuration for times of
bad weather issues (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Snow/Ice,and more)
accidents (power transformer damaged, poles damaged)
and much more.
Large Business in addition to the above
have volume concerns in lost of revenue for
Solar System outages thus requiring Grid service
I work at a manufacture plant that uses vast amounts of DC Motors that run at night and using Power Company Service at night would negate the savings of a Solar System.
So can we entertain the idea of Batteries with a GRID System? At least as a Option?

Paul Gilman

Grid-connected PV systems with storage are worth investigating, as you suggest. Unfortunately, we do not have support for developing a storage model in SAM at the moment. Feedback like yours does help us guide our development priorities, so thank you for letting us know of your interest.

Best regards,


I am currently offering a proposel to my company, a toyota transmission plant a combo Solar and Wind Power System with 850Hr battery system on GRID. I will be looking for you revision.

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