TOD Variables for PPA Price

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emiliano casati
TOD Variables for PPA Price

Good morning!
I'm working with the time dependent pricing for a molten salt tower plant.

My first question regards the PPA framework:
-are you aware of any documentation or source of info for me to better understand how it works?

I was then wondering if some specific documentation is available regarding the schedules provided in the "dispatch schedule library" ("thermal storage" page in SAM).
In particular from where these schedules derive, and if any "institutional" source is available which describes them.

For instance, looking at the schedule "PG&E 2009":
-for what does "PG&E" stands for?
-from where it is taken?
-is there any US state where it is actually adopted?

thanks a lot

Emiliano Casati

Paul Gilman

Dear Emiliano,

We've tried to describe the PPA price in SAM in the Help system: PPA Price.

The "Dispatch schedule library" contains TOD adjustment factors for three utility companies in California that offer this pricing arrangement. "PG&E" stands for Pacific Gas and Electric, "SCE" for Southern California Edison, and "SDG&E" for San Diego Gas and Electric. You can search the internet for those names with the keyword "TOD" to find documents describing the method.

Best regards,

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