Thermal losses in HTF piping

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Thermal losses in HTF piping

I would like to know if the thermal losses in HTF piping ("runners", headers, crossover piping and interconnection pipe in SCA) have been considered in the model. Please consider that even if those losses accounts for 1% of the thermal power at design conditions, at half load will be the double (thermal losses depends only on the piping temperature). Also there are thermal losses even when the plant is not producing electricity, during the night.

Paul Gilman

SAM's parabolic trough and other CSP models do account for thermal losses. For the physical trough model, you can see an estimate of the total heat losses under design conditions on the Receivers (HCE) page. After running simulations, you can see the calculated losses on the Results page: Click Data Tables, and under Hourly Data, check the boxes for the following variables:

Receiver thermal losses (MWh), Hourly
Total header piping heat loss (MWh), Hourly

You can read about the calculations in the Technical Manual for the SAM Physical Trough Model, which you can download from the Reference Manuals page of this website. To find the relevant passages in the manual search for the term "heat loss."

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