Sun tracking for static PV

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Sun tracking for static PV


What is the sun tracking value for a static PV system. I know that in the help file it says 100% is for no tracking but it is not correct. It has no sense because if you lower the value then you get a more aproximate value.

You can see this by using other PV simulation softwares.

Paul Gilman

The derate factors for the PVWatts and PV Component models are on the PVWatts Array and Array page respectively.

The Sun Tracking derate factor accounts for inaccuracies in a 1-axis or 2-axis tracking system's ability to keep the array oriented toward the sun. SAM's tracking algorithm assumes that the tracking system keeps the modules oriented toward the sun.

The default value is 100%, which is appropriate for a fixed array.

Does that help? Please clarify your question if I did not answer it.

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