ssc.dll load error

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ssc.dll load error

Hello NREL team I cant to load or chose ssc.dll into SSCdev the error arised from sscdev: "check path, architecture(32/64 bit), and version" My version SDK is 2.04 32 bit (ssc-sdk-2013-9-20) System windows 7 thanks cheglakov

Paul Gilman

Dear Cheglakov,

First, be sure to run the 32-bit version of SSCdev, which is in the win32 folder of the SDK package. The SSCdev version information that you see after starting SSCdev (from the Help, About menu) should be Version 2.0.4, 32 bit. There is a 64-bit version of SSCdev in the win64 folder that you should not run on your 32-bit operating system.

In SSCdev, on the File menu, click Choose SSClLibrary and then navigate to the ssc.dll file in the win32 folder of the SDK package.

After loading the library, you should see the following information in the information bar at the bottom of the SSCdev window: "...\win32\ssc.dll Version 33, Windows 32 bit Visual C++ Sep 19 2013 00:13:26."

Best regards,

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