Sources of Non-US Weather Data

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Paul Gilman
Sources of Non-US Weather Data

How can I get the data for Mauritania loaded into SAM? And where can I get that file, more to the point....I try to get it by putting the long. and lat. into the model, but the system says it cannot access that data. 

For SAM's solar models, one source of weather files that SAM can read for locations outside of the United States is the EnergyPlus Weather Data Page. However, that collection does not include files for Mauritania. I am not aware of a free source of weather files in one of the formats that SAM can read for Mauritania.

You may want to try one of the following commercial sources:

If you download or purchase data to use in SAM, be sure it is in one of the formats SAM can read: TMY3, TMY2, or EPW.

See SAM's Help system for information about weather file formats, downloading weather data, and online sources of weather data.

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