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Dear Paul,

Please could you explain to me how can i prevent the storage to provide the thermal energy to power cycle for daytime?
I put “1” in the storage dispatch W/solar but when i visualize the thermal energy to thermal storage i have the impression that it doesn’t even charge.

i want to configure my dispatch control to prevent the storage for the daytime and use it only to generate electricity from 8pm to 22 pm

please find attached the graph of : solar field out put , thermal energy to power cycle, thermal energy to sthrmal storage and dumped energy
also the setting of dispacth control.

Paul Gilman

Please see the PDF file attached to your original post for a discussion of the storage dispatch fraction inputs.

Does the help?

Best regards,


dear Paul,

Thank you for your file but i have already read it and by the way it was very useful for me to undrestand how SAM allowds users to define a thermal storage dispatch control but i still have some misunderstanding. so i want to clarify it to me please.
I noticed that the storage loads if i use the bakup fossil but without it my storage does'nt charge.
I want to design a plant which works only with solar energy (without any backup fossil energy). so my plant will use only solar energy in the morning (period1), use storage in the evening (period 2) and dont work in the night ( period 3)
so I put :
period 1 : 1 1 1 0
period 2 : 1 0 1 0
period 3 : 1 1 0 0
and when i visualise " heat map " of thermal enegy to storage i found that my sotrage doesnt why??
thank you

Best regards,


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