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Solar Wizard: Location Input

Dear sir,
What am I doing wrong?
1. I am changing default AZ, Phoenix to GA, Atlanta, GA using Solar Wizard.
When I open full report it shows Phoenix, AZ (the default)

2. When I open in SAM for Phoenix, AZ and changing nothing else and run simulation. I get quite different result:

Solar Wizard Result (Open Full Report) Open in SAM result (nothing changed)
Annual Energy: 5,318 kWh(AC) ................... 6,355
Nominal LCOE 27.8 cents/kWh ................... $23.28
Net present value $-5,900 ................... $-4,667.62
Payback period 23.1 years ................... 19.5282

I have not looked other values yet, so I do not know if they are also different.

Thanks for your help. Hope, you will be responding at my email or atleast notify me after you responded.

Sincerely, Rajeev.

Paul Gilman

Dear Rajeev,

I was able to replicate Item 1. There seems to be a problem with the location value that the SAM Wizard sends to the report generator. We will investigate this and fix it for the next version of SAM. Thank you for pointing out the issue.

I could not replicate Item 2. Based on the results you provided, I assume that you ran the Wizard for a 4 kW residential PV system. The 5,318 kWh value is for Atlanta and the 6,355 kWh value is for Phoenix.

In general, the Wizard is intended to help you get started using SAM. After you've run the wizard a few times, I would recommend using SAM itself rather than relying on the wizard to set the values of inputs and run simulations.

Best regards,

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