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Solar multiple

Dear Paul,

I am working with 2013.1.15 in Generic Solar System.
I wanted to inform you about "Solar multiple". When I introduce this value, I can see "Estimated solar field area" in m2.

When I solve the program, if I do the next equation:

"Solar field incident thermal output (MWh)"*1000/"DNI (kWh/m2)" I have a solar field area different from the "Estimated solar field area".

I could see that there is factor between them, that it is 1.05 more or less. (Solar field area is bigger than "Estimated solar field area").

Is it correct?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Gilman

Dear Pierre,

Yes, I think that is correct. The "Estimated solar field area" value on the Solar Field page is based on the design assumptions (and includes an estimate of thermal losses from the field). The value you calculate from the simulation results are based on values calculated during simulations, which should be different from the design conditions.

Best regards,

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