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Simon Lude
Show all optimization results

I have run an optimization for a parabolic trough PP:
Find optimal solar multiple to minimize LCOE. So far so good, I got the optimal SM.
But how can I access the results of all optimization steps, in order to generate a plot LCOE vs. SM? It would help to visualize the quality of the optimum. In the results viewer I can only find the LCOE for the base case and the optimzation.
Thanks for the support.

Paul Gilman

Hi Simon,

In the physical trough solar field help topic, Steps 18 through 21 of the instructions for optimizing the solar multiple (under sizing the solar field) explain how to create a graph of LCOE vs solar multiple.

Those instructions are a little hard to find, so I'll repeat them below, along with some other options for displaying results of parametric simulations.

You can also watch me demonstrating how to create the graphs in video. On Advanced SAM Webinar February 8, see Part 2 Optimization at Minute 21:00 (solar multiple) and Minute 41:49 (solar multiple and storage capacity).

For a parametric analysis on solar multiple, first assign the range of values to the solar multiple variable on the Parametric Simulation page. If your system includes storage, you should also include the storage capacity (Full Load Hours of TES) in your analysis because you'll want to optimize both the solar field area and storage capacity to minimize LCOE.

After running simulations, to create a graph of LCOE vs solar multiple:

1. On the results page, click Graphs and Charts.

2. Click Add new graph.

3. In the Add New Graph window, for Choose Simulation, choose Parametric Set 1.

4. For X Value, choose {Solar multiple}.

5. For Y1 Values, choose LCOE Nominal.

6. Under Graph Type choose Line Plot.

7. Under Properties change the labels to suitable ones for the graph. You can also adjust the line thickness using the slider.

8. Click Accept.

You can also show results from the parametric analysis on the Results page Data Tables:

1. After running simulations, on the Results page, click Data Tables.

2. For Choose Simulation, choose Parametric Set 1.

3. Under Output Variables choose the variables you want to display. SAM displays a column of results for each parametric value. After setting up the tables, you can export them by clicking on of the buttons above the table.

Best regards,

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