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SCA Length


Working with SAM CSP physical model,I have been reading the decription of the following parameters but I am a bit confused about the scope of both parameters:
- Length of collector assembly
- Piping distance between assemblies
Could you please be more accurate about the battery limits of these parameters?

Thank you in advance

Paul Gilman


The "length of collector assembly" is simply the length of the SCA. The description in Help is confusing, and I will revise it for the next version of SAM.

The "piping distance between assemblies" is the length of pipe that connects two adjacent SCAs in a loop.

In the loop configuration diagram on the Solar Field page, the length of collector assembly is represented by the length of one of the rectangles representing a collector, and the piping distance between assemblies is represented by the length of the red or blue line that connects two of the rectangles.

Best regards,

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