SAM Virtual Conference: June 20, 2012

The SAM Virtual Conference was a full-day online meeting held on June 20, 2012. Renewable energy professionals and academic researchers presented results of their work with SAM.

NREL emailed a request for abstracts to all registered SAM users, and chose the final list of presenters from the submissions. NREL and DOE were not involved in preparation of the presentations (except for the those presented by NREL staff), so their content reflects the experience and opinion of the presenters, not NREL or DOE.

Title Presenter(s) Download
Welcome and Introductions Nate Blair, NREL PDF 200 KB WMV 7 MB
Parametric Study of Solar Thermal Power Plant Configuration Utilizing SAM Jérémie Léger, The University of Moncton PDF 841 KB
SAM Linear Fresnel solar boiler model: Novatec solar boiler sample file Camille Bachelier, Novatec Solar PDF 698 KB WMV 5 MB
Impact of Financial Structure on the Cost of Energy Michael Mendelsohn, NREL PDF 439 KB WMV 4 MB
Solar Input Data for PV Energy Modeling Marie Schnitzer, AWS TruePower Peter Johnson, AWS TruePower Christopher Thuman, AWS TruePower PDF 2 MB WMV 4 MB
Using SAM User Language (SamUL) For Just About Everything - Scripting Functionalities Utilized to Reduce SAM User Time-on- Task and Run-Time Simulations Nathan Clark, NREL PDF 2 MB WMV 6 MB
Applicability of SAM to model CSP power plants as parts of smelters in the Atacama Desert, Chile Patricio Castro PDF 133 KB WMV 3 MB
PVMapper and SAM Integration for Web-Based Solar Project Siting Analysis. Sam Alessi, Idaho National Laboratory PDF 1 MB WMV 4 MB
PV Performance and Yield Comparisons: NREL SAM and PVSYST Sol Haroon, Suniva PDF 1 MB WMV 6 MB
PV Performance Assessment of Existing Systems Using SAM James Mokri, San Jose State University Joseph Cunningham, Centrosolar America PDF 1 MB WMV 5 MB
Teaching SAM to Engineering Students Frank Kreith, University of Colorado at Boulder Charles Tse, University of Colorado at Boulder PDF 596 KB WMV 3 MB
Modeling Levelized Cost of Renewable Energy with and without Tax Credits Compared with Retail Electricity Prices Miriam Makhyoun, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Assocation PDF 680 KB WMV 4 MB
Case Studies Comparing SAM Results to Real Performance Data Nate Blair, NREL PDF 524 KB WMV 11 MB


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