SAM (Send to Excel with Equations)

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SAM (Send to Excel with Equations)

When I export my SAM case to Excel with equations I get #NAME? errors starting with Col D92 State Tax Savings and repeated throughout various Payback expenses included and excluded columns. See attached file for an example. Any ideas as to how to resolve this?

Paul Gilman


There is a typo in the Cell B51 formula. The incorrect formula is:


The correct formula should be:


The difference is in "value_if_false" parameter of the IF function. Instead of the correct inStateITCMax, the formula uses rStateITCMax.

You can easily fix the error each time you generate the spreadsheet.

If you want to make a permanent fix, so that the formula is correct every time you generate the spreadsheet, you can change the formula in the files stored in your SAM installation folder (C:\SAM\2013.9.20\exelib\spreadsheets\equations by default in Windows). The three files with the error are Commercial.xls, residential_loan.xls, and residential_mortgage.xls.

We will fix this issue in the next update to SAM.

Best regards,

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