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SAM for the caribbean

Hi, I live in Aruba (Dutch Caribbean island) and I was wondering if SAM could work for a project on Aruba. Valid data is not available for Aruba. We have accumulated about 2 months of data with an SMA weather station but I believe that's not enough. Is there any work around for this issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


GeoModel Solar

Dear Jairo, you can always import solar radiation and other meteo data from 3rd party sources. One such source is the high resolution global SolarGIS database. For Aruba, we have data for last 14+ years with spatial resolution of 250 m x 250 m. You can contact us for more information.

Paul Gilman

Dear Jairo,

As you suggest, SAM requires one year's worth of hourly data, so you would not be able to run it using your measured data until you have more data.

Please see the SAM Help topic Download Weather Files for other suggestions.

Best regards,

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