SAM 2011.12.2 New Features Webinar, February 2012

The SAM 2011.12.2 New Features Webinar was presented in February 2012 to describe the new features added to SAM Version 2011.12.2, which was released in December, 2011. The session was facilitated by Paul Gilman. You can view recordings of the webinar on the SAM YouTube channel. The New Features webinar recordings consist of eleven videos:

  • Part 1: SAM Overview (YouTube)

  • Part 2: Linear Fresnel (YouTube)

  • Part 3: Direct Steam Power Tower (YouTube)

  • Part 4: Biopower (YouTube)

  • Part 5: PV Module with User Specifications (YouTube)

  • Part 6: PV Monthly Soiling Derate Factors (YouTube)

  • Part 7: P50/P90 Analysis (YouTube)

  • Part 8: Generation Profile as Input (YouTube)

  • Part 9: Time Series Data Viewer (YouTube)

  • Part 10: Report Generator (YouTube)

  • Part 11: Case Compare (YouTube)

  • Part 12: Questions and Answers (YouTube)

Speaker's notes from the webinar (PDF 850 KB). Chat window questions and answer transcript (PDF 715 KB).

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