Running CSP models in SAM with modified TRNSYS modules

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Paul Gilman
Running CSP models in SAM with modified TRNSYS modules

I would like to know if it is posible to include some modifications "improvements" in file "sam_mw_lf_Type261_steam.f" and compile it to integrate in SAM interface. Is it posible with the new Software Developer Kit to modify Fortran types files and integrate again in SAM main interface. Is it posible to customize SAM interface with the new SDK developer kit?

If you are familiar with TRNSYS, you can use the options on the Simulator Options page to specify custom TRNSYS executables and decks. The SDK allows you to build a model in one of several programming languages using the SAM simulation modules, but does not allow you to modify the code within a simulation module.

Also, the current version of the SDK (Version 0.9) does not include the CSP modules. Those will be added in a future version. 

UPDATE: The CSP modules are available in the SDK as of January 21, 2014. For details, see

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