Payback time for CSP Power Tower

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Payback time for CSP Power Tower

Hi !

I'm studying the possibility of installing a CSP power tower in France so I'd like to know how to walwulate the payback time for such a technology.
I've already sized my system, I found some Excel files on the site but none of them is useful o me to calculate a payback time (because of a problem of size of tables in the files). If anybody can help, it would be nice.

Thanks a lot.

Paul Gilman


SAM's power tower models in SAM can only be used with one of the PPA models (Utility IPP, Single Owner, etc.). For those models, SAM calculates a PPA price or project IRR, NPV, and other metrics appropriate for large, power generation project. SAM only calculates the payback period for the residential and commercial financial models, which are not available for the power tower models.

If you want to calculate the payback period, you can export the year zero investment amount and energy value row from the project cash flow, and calculate it outside of SAM.

Best regards,

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