Ohio New Market Tax Credit

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Paul Gilman
Ohio New Market Tax Credit

How would I model the Ohio New Market tax credit in SAM? It is a 39% tax credit spread over seven years for investors who make an investment in a qualified low-income community business. We expect the actual value of the credit to be 15% after expenses.

In SAM, it is not possible to model a tax credit over a period of years. However, you can approximate the value of the credit by modeling it as a conventional investment tax credit (ITC) in Year 1.

Also, here's a discussion about modeling the North Carolina distributed tax credit in SAM. See also the presentation by Miriam Makhyoun from the 2012 SAM Virtual Conference. Slide 14 in her presentation (PDF 680 KB) shows how the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association modeled the distributed tax credit in SAM.

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