LK vs. Python?

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LK vs. Python?

Hello forum, quick novice question: is there any SAM SDK functionality that can only be accessed via the LK scripting language, or can I do everything in Python?

Paul Gilman


You can access the full functionality of the SSC libraries n the software development kit (SDK) from either LK or Python.

LK works from the SSCdev developer interface. The benefit of working with LK in SSCdev is that you can use the module browser and data container to explore the module variables in easy-to-read tables. (You can get the same information in Python using the appropriate functions.) One approach to getting started with the SDK might be to work with LK in SSCdev to familiarize yourself with the SSC modules and to test your algorithms, and then to implement the algorithm in Python (or one of the other languages supported in the SDK) once you are comfortable that it works.

Best regards,


Thanks Paul, I appreciate the detailed answer. I'll give LK in SSCDev a shot.

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