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land area

I am trying to model a Solar Tower System using SAM, and i don't understund how SAM caclulate the total land area.
I look for it in the help and I found:
Non-Solar Field Land Area, acres
The land area in acres occupied by the project, not including the heliostat field.
Solar Field Land Area Multiplier
The total solar field land area, including the area occupied by heliostats and space between heliostats,
expressed as a multiple of the area occupied by heliostats. The default value is 1.3, which represents a
total solar field land area that is 1.3 times the area occupied by heliostats.
Calculated Total Land Area, acres
Land area required for the entire system including the solar field land area.
Total Land Area (acres) = Non-Solar Field Area (acres) + Area of Zones Occupied by Heliostats
(m²) × Solar Field Land Area Multiplier × 0.0002471 (acres/m
but i don't knwo if the non solar field land contain also the land occuped by the tower and by the power block

also How can I read only ;from SAM; the area of zones occupied by heliostats
thank you


please can you also explain to me " Solar Field Land Area Multiplier " because i dont understand realy the sepesification of SAM's Help.
does "start wizard" include the space betewwen row when it caclulte the area occupied by heliostats?
in principe it must include it, so if it is the case why i must introdcue a value of "Solar Field Land Area Multiplier " greater than 1.
thank you

Paul Gilman


First of all, please be aware that the land area is essentially an economic input for the financial model: SAM uses the value to calculate the total land cost on the Tower System Costs page when you specify a land cost in $/acre. The land area has no effect on the performance model.

The purpose of the Non-Solar Field Area input is to specify the cost of land required for the project in addition to the land required for the heliostat field. Typically, it would include the power block, O&M buildings, etc.

The area occupied by heliostats value is an internal value that depends on several parameters that are not available in the user interface, which is why we did not include an equation for the value in Help. The area occupied by heliostats represents the ground area occupied by the heliostats and does not include space between the heliostats. It is also different from the Heliostat Area, which is the heliostat reflective area. The Solar Field Land Area Multiplier is intended to account for space between heliostats, and for any additional land surrounding the heliostats.

The Optimization Wizard topic in Help explains the optimization steps that SAM uses to calculate the field parameters.

Best regards,

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