Introduction to SAM Webinar, February 7, 2011

The Introduction to SAM Webinar was offered in February 2011 and is based on SAM 2010.10.8. The session was facilitated by Paul Gilman. You can view recordings of the webinar on the SAM YouTube channel. The Introduction to SAM webinar recordings consist of five videos:

  • Part 1: User Interface Overview (YouTube)

  • Part 2: Residential and Commercial Financing Options (YouTube)

  • Part 3: Utility Financing and PV Systems (YouTube)

  • Part 4: SAM Demonstration (YouTube)

  • Part 5: Weather Files, PV, CSP, and other Technologies (YouTube)

The following speaker's notes outline the content of the four videos: SAM Webinar Talking Points - Introduction to SAM - Feb 2011 (PDF 688 KB)

The questions and answers are a complete list of participant questions and their answers, including some questions that were not answered during the session: SAM Webinar Questions and Answers - Feb 2011 (PDF 238 KB)


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