How to design new climate, module, inverter in a new place

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Lin Yang
How to design new climate, module, inverter in a new place

I am from china, I want to simulate a new project in china. but I don't know how to design the new climate case, wheather I must record 8760 hours date.

should I can creat a new type module and inverter for my project.

if you have detail specification, plese share with me.

Thank you very much.

my email:

Lin Yang

need help

Paul Gilman

You can find weather files for China and other countries on the EnergyPlus website's Weather Data page. Please see SAM's Help topic for the Climate page for instructions.

You can choose a PV module and inverter for your system on SAM's Module page and Inverter page, respectively. If your PV module is not on the list of either the Sandia or CEC lists, you can use the "CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specifications" option. That option allows you to use module specifications from a manufacturer's data sheet. If your inverter is not on the Inverter page list, you can either choose an inverter with similar characteristics, or use the "Single Point Efficiency Inverter" option, which is a simple representation of the inverter.

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