Heat Transfer Fluid Properties

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Heat Transfer Fluid Properties

Can you please tell me how to feed in the properties of the HTF in CSP project and please help me because i have properties according to ASHRAE Convention i.e for Liquid phase and vapour phase

Paul Gilman

You can find instructions for specifying a custom heat transfer fluid (HTF) for each of the CSP technologies in Help: From the solar field page, press F1 in Windows or Command-? in Mac OS to open Help, and then expand the "Specifying a Custom Heat Transfer Fluid" section.

Note that you must provide at least two rows of values in the HTF table, and that you must provide values for each of the properties in the units shown in the table's column headings.

I've attached for reference a spreadsheet showing the property tables for each of the HTF included in SAM's default HTF library.

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Hi Paul,

I need the property tables for the Hitec and Hitec XL HTF included in SAM's default HTF library.
Could you please attach the spreadsheet them one more time.

Kind Regards,

Paul Gilman

Dear Hasret,

Attachments for replies to forum posts were disabled by the site administrator, so that attachment is no longer visible in my reply below. Sorry about that.

Here is a link to download the file:

SAM HTF Property Tables in Excel (XLSX 20 KB)

The workbook contains a worksheet for each HTF with property values over a range of temperatures.

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Hi friends,
where can i find the properties of therminol vp-3. Particularly, the Enthalpy calculations ?

Thanks in advance !

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