Generic Solar System. Solar field area

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Generic Solar System. Solar field area

Dear Paul,

In “Generic Solar System" we have the parameter called “Estimated solar field area”.
This parameter is calculated by the next equation?
Estimated solar field area=(1000000*"Solar multiple"*"Design gross output"(1+Reference thermal loss fraction")/("Solar resource at design"*"Total optical efficiency"*"Reference conversion efficiency")

But, when I go to results, I catch “Solar field thermal output”.
If I divided the last parameter that I have said by DNI (Direct Normal Irradiation), I have a number of m2 different of the number that I have seen in “Estimated solar field area”.
(I wanted to say this equation: "Solar field thermal output"/"DNI" ≠"Estimated solar field area")

There is a factor (1.056) between them. I have changed other things but this factor is always employed.

Thanks in advance.

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