EPW Weather File Format

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Paul Gilman
EPW Weather File Format

I was wondering if you or somebody on your team has a current format definition description for EPW files. The format definition in the following link is out-of-date so. It even says so in the linke below. Because of this, it is not really possible to look at the raw data in these files. I have been searching for a current format definition for some time without success.


Thanks for your help.

Although SAM reads the EPW format, none of us on the SAM team are involved in the EnergyPlus project. I would recommend looking at the EnergyPlus support resources -- perhaps the help desk or support forum might have some useful information.

If you just want to see the data, you could try using the DView data viewing software from NREL and Mistaya Engineering. It opens EPW and other types of weather files, and you can export data from the viewer to a tab-delimited text file that is easier to work with than the EPW file. You can also use the SAM technique from SAM's weather data viewer.

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