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DATA for other countries


does anyone know how i can include weather data for my country? do i have to literally create the source files or there is a way that i can download the add ons?


I generally use the following process:

A. Location and Resource screen (the initial one)
B. Link at the bottom part of the page --> "Best weather data for international locations (in EPW format)
C. That link opens the following page:
D. Browse and check if you find a suitable location
E. Download the file somewhere (e.g. desktop)
F. Use the first button under the list of locations on the screen "Folder Settings" and follow instructions to add a folder (e.g. the desktop)
G. Second button "Refresh list" should bring that file into the list of location (look it up at the bottom)

There might be other and better ways, this is what I do.
Hope it helps
Renewable Regards
Marco Poliafico

Paul Gilman

Thanks Marco. Your instructions are correct.

If you cannot find weather data for your location on the EnergyPlus website and you have access to weather data with all of the fields that SAM requires, you can use SAM's TMY3 Creator to use the data in SAM.

Best regards,


Has any one had any luck importing the Japanese NEDO data from METPV or MONSOLA databases into a format that can be used under SAM?

NEDO has very detailed data for hundreds of points within Japan over 20-30 years ... and it would be nice to be able to use it with SAM instead of relying on a few data points that EnergyPlus lists in IWEC (or the few data points that Weather Analytics sells).

David Litt

GeoModel Solar

Hi David,

A new alternative for weather data for Japan is SolarGIS (which can be made available in SAM weather data format). SolarGIS data for Pacific region has only become available since yesterday. The data has a primary spatial resolution of 4km x 4km, which is further enahnced to 250 m x 250 m using high resolution digital terrain model. As of now 6 years of data is available (July 2006 onwards)..but this will be extended to 13+ years after few months. More info here:

You can let me know if you have any questions about SolarGIS data

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