CSP Molten Salt Tower Control Algorithm

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emiliano casati
CSP Molten Salt Tower Control Algorithm

Good Morning Forum!
My questions are:

1)is the control algorithm described on the 2011 "Technical manual for the SAM Physical Trough Model" (control flow diagram of fig. 31, page 103) also implemented for the molten salt tower?

2)is the Fortran source available for this TRNSYS "controller type? is this the same type 223 described in M.J. Wagner's 2008 thesis (section 6.1, page 167) ?

both the sources I've cited are available for download from the NREL website and referenced in the SAM help

thanks in advance for your support!

Emiliano Casati

Paul Gilman

Dear Emiliano,

The molten salt power tower model uses a control flow similar to the one shown in the physical trough reference manual. The diagram in the Wagner 2008 thesis in Figure 57 (p 166) shows the flow control for the power tower model with a two-tank storage system.

Yes. Type 223 is available in the \exelib\transys\source\sam_mw_Type223.f90 file in your SAM installation folder, which, in Windows is in c:\SAM\<version number>\ unless you installed SAM in a different folder.

Best regards,

emiliano casati

Great Paul!
thanks a lot!

Have a nice week end


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