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Paul Gilman
Cost estimate help

Hello, I am using SAM to help design a commercial PV system. I am trying to come up with a good cost estimation for our system, and I was curious about the default numbers in SAM. Specifically I wanted to know the source of these numbers (such as permitting costs engineering, grid interconnection, as well as the module and inverter prices). Any guidance on a good way to estimate the time it would take to construct a system and how to estimate cost would be greatly appreciated. (My system is a 7.6 kW DC rated flat plate rooftop PV system that will be installed in Tunisia). Thanks again!

The best source of information about the default costs in SAM is the System Cost Data page on the SAM website. It lists the documents we used to develop the default costs in SAM.

As for project development time, you should be able to find some general estimates on the Web. As with costs, that will depend on the project and is difficult to generalize.

The default costs are what we consider reasonable for a rough estimate of costs for a system in the United States. For estimating costs in other countries, I would recommend working with someone from that country familiar with costs there.

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