Can't get rid of "base case"

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Can't get rid of "base case"

I'm a newbie so please forgive simple question. When I enter the data for a possible PV system, the only graphs I can get are for "base case". I can't find any place to change the data to the file I have been working on.

Thanks in advance.

El Paso

Paul Gilman

The term "base case" refers to the results that SAM calculates from input values that you enter on the input pages. All results are "base case" results unless you set up a parametric simulation or other advanced simulation that involves assigning multiple values to input variables.

In other words, the graphs with "base case" in the title are the results for the data in your file. When you click the Run button (with the green arrow icon), SAM displays the results in the "base case" graphs.

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