bug report - DC to AC derate factor

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bug report - DC to AC derate factor

It seems the program is not calculating the derate correctly. Running a PV Watts model with derate factor of .77 (default) results in a higher AC rating than the DC rating. This is backwards.

Paul Gilman

Thank you for pointing out the error in the report generator. This only affects the value in the report. The values on SAM's input and results pages are correct.

To correct the issue, please download the following zip archive and replace the four PV report templates in your SAM installation folder with the contents of the archive.

sam-2013-1-15-reports-pv-corrected.zip (70 KB)

The files are in the following location in your SAM installation folder:


The files to replace are:

PV - All Equity Partnership Flip - Sale Leaseback.samreport
PV - Leveraged Partnership Flip.samreport
PV - Residential - Commercial.samreport
PV - Utility IPP - Commercial PPA - Single Owner.samreport

Best regards,

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