Annual energy values in report

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Paul Gilman
Annual energy values in report

I am trying to show the yearly system performance degradation for a 30 year span in the SAM report. By clicking the green arrow at the bottom of the program, "Run All Simulations", and then clicking the "Tables" tab I can pull up a table in the annual data section by selecting the "Energy (kWh)" box. However, this does not put this table in the report and it only shows 26 years of degredation. Is there a way to get this table or a similiar table with the data I need into the SAM report?

SAM's report generator is not customizable, so you cannot change the variables that appear in the report. If you want to show additional values with the report, you could prepare a separate document using data and graph images that you export from SAM, and then attach the document to the report.

You can export data from a table on the Results page to a document using the Copy to clipboard, Save as CSV, or Send to Excel buttons in the toolbar above the table.

I suspect that your table is showing 26 values because the analysis period on the Financing page is 25 years. If you want to assume a 30-year project life, you should change the analysis period to 30 years. Note that the "Annual Data" table in the results shows one more year than the analysis period (26 years instead of 25) because it includes Year 0, which is the year in which the project makes its initial investment.

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