Adding/Modifying TRNSYS modules in "...\SAM\exelib\trnsys\source"

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Adding/Modifying TRNSYS modules in "...\SAM\exelib\trnsys\source"


I want to integrate my version of the Rock-bed storage system by modifying the "SAM_mw_Type504" module included in SAM. Simply modifying the corresponding source code in "...\SAM\exelib\trnsys\source" did not work, as I believe SAM communicates with the TRNSYS components through the pre-compiled "trnivf.exe" included in the same folder.
Is there a way to accomplish this task by recompiling the TRNSYS components along with the modified SAM_mw_Type504 subroutine? (I only have access to the demo version of TRNSYS 16).
If access to the full version of TRNSYS software is necessary, could you provide me details on how to modify the TRNSYS models and integrate them into SAM.

I appreciate if someone could assist me on this.


Paul Gilman

You should be able to use the modified version of TRNSYS Type 504 with SAM by specifying the modified type and your recompiled TRNSYS executable on the Simulator Options page in SAM. To display the page, on the Simulations menu, click Simulator Options (or press the Alt-8 keys).

Best regards,

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