2009.10.2 vs 2009.10.13

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2009.10.2 vs 2009.10.13

Hello Paul

One colleague generated some years ago a model of a parabolic through system plant, and based on this model, he generated a lot of models in order to see the variation of the outputs when varying the inputs.

Now, I want to continue his work and generate a couple of models, but the version of these models was 2009.10.2, and I have seen that this version is not available to download. There was any problem with this version? Can I continue the work with the 2009.10.13 version?

Thanks in advance.


Paul Gilman

Dear Igor,

SAM 2009.10.13 was an update to SAM 2009.10.2, so you should be able to use SAM 2009.10.13 to continue your colleague's work.

In general we recommend that you use the current version of SAM. We do not provide support for older versions. We do understand that in some circumstances it may be appropriate to use older versions.

For a list of changes between versions of SAM, see the release notes, which are available as a PDF file from SAM's Help menu.

Best regards,

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