Excel exchange error – could not open file

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Excel exchange error – could not open file


I have been trying to recreate some legacy files (2014.1.14) in the latest version of SAM. I found that in attempting to run a simulation an error would appear stating “Excel Exchange Error: Could not open file” when trying to run an excel exchange case.

I then tried to test the sample excel exchange files available from the sample files page for the latest version of SAM and get the same error. After this message I receive another error message stating “OLE Automation error in open: sorry we couldn’t find file. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? Error code 0.”

I'm running SAM on Windows 10 x64.

Any suggestions?


Paul Gilman

Dear Adam,

There seems to be a problem with Excel Exchange in SAM 2017.9.5. We will fix that, but in the meantime, you could use LK to perform the data exchange.

I posted some new files on the Samples page under "Exchanging Data between SAM Inputs and Excel" that show how to do that:


Let me know if you need help making that work with the files you are creating.

Best regards,

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