How can I use data and currency from my country.

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How can I use data and currency from my country.

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if someone could help me. I from Paraná one state of Brazil located on the south and looking about Photovoltaic system.

I use this site to get GHI and TILT:

But I would like to ask if is possible to use this on the SAM, and how can I do this? How about change the currency USD to Brazilian - Real, it's possible too?

Thank's fot the moment.


Paul Gilman

Dear Cirleno,

In the latest version of SAM, you can download weather data for most of Brazil from the NREL National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB), but unfortunately, the state of Paraná is south of the region covered by the database. The SWERA website you mention does not provide all of the weather data required by SAM. You can find information about where to find weather data in this post:

As for the currency symbol, it is not possible to change the symbol in SAM because of the way the software is structured. We have a work plan for making the software changes to make it possible to change currency symbols and translate the user interface, but do not have the resource to do that work for now.

Best regards,


Thank's for answer and congratulations for whole work in this software, it's really good man.

Thank you.

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