How to chart monthly/hourly production data?

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How to chart monthly/hourly production data?

I'm not seeing any option for charting (tables) for monthly or hourly production figures. There is an option in the Data Tables tab for Hourly or Monthly data but I'm not seeing a simple generation profile option under these categories. To be specific: I'm looking to populate a bid spreadsheet annual production table that shows hourly production figures averaged over each month. So it's a 288 cell production profile rather than an 8760.

Paul Gilman

Dear Tam,

I think you are looking for a 12-month-by-24-hour table of values, right? If so, you can generate that data from the profiles tab by right-clicking each graph to copy the data to a spreadsheet. That's a little tedious, but should work.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the Profiles tab, display the data you want to export (check System power generated for production).
  2. Right-click the January graph, and choose Send data to Excel. Delete the "Time of day (January average)" column from the worksheet.
  3. Right-click the February graph, and choose Copy data to clipboard, and paste that data into the worksheet with the January data. Repeat that process for all months until you have a worksheet with 12 columns and 24 rows. You'll have to delete the extra Time of Day column for each month.

It would also be possible to write an LK script to process the hourly data into daily profiles by month.

Best regards,

Great, thanks Paul. A bit clunky but it works :) Would be good to add the production profile table as a default feature.

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