Changing month to calculate rolled over kWh?

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Changing month to calculate rolled over kWh?


Is there a way to change the month when the "Sell rate for kWh rolled over at end of year" calculation takes place? It seems that SAM defaults to cashing out credits at the end of December, but a number of states have a different month that allows kWh to be carried forward through the winter before being cashed out (for example, Maryland is the end of April at a generation-only rate).

For systems sized to meet a good amount of the annual load, there can be a large buildup in December that is eroded by spring. Under the current calculations, this excess seems to be devalued based on the sell rate (e.g. generation only), where in actuality it is credited at full retail.


Paul Gilman

Dear Kevin,

For now, SAM is limited to the end of the year (December 31) for the end-of-year credit.

We have received other similar requests, and added this to the SAM wish list.

Best regards,

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