HCPV with specific triple junction cell parameters

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Stefan Troger
HCPV with specific triple junction cell parameters


I´m working on a high concentrated photovoltaic project with two-axis tracking system and triple junction cells.
Especially the electrical data and behavior of different on the market available cells are in my interest.

My main problem is that I want to enter specific module databases or electrical specifications from a triple junction cell.
Similar to the specifications I can enter in detailed photovoltaic projects with CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specifications.
The main problem is that the maximum power (Pmp) in the High Concentrated PV project doesn´t match with the specifications I got from the cell datasheet.

Is there a possibility to enter cell specifications from a datasheet in high concentrated photovoltaic projects?
Why is the maximum power (Pmp) in HCPV projects calculated by Irradiance, efficiency and losses and no electrical data are included?
Is it representative if I put my electrical data of the triple-junction cell in a detailed photovoltaic project?

BR Stefan

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Hi Stefan,

Did you find a solution to introduce your main data I have the same problem especially with cell efficiency table.


Paul Gilman

Please see this post:


Best regards,

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