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tracking error

Hi Paul,

I am trying to get the impact of a tracking error over the yield in one axis N-S oriented PV trackers. I see it is defined as tracking error (%) in the losses window, but I do not understand how this percentage is defined. For instance, given a 4º error (if tilt angle should be 40º, but it is 44º), how would you introduce it?

Thank you in advance,

Paul Gilman


The "Tracking error (%)" loss is an input intended to account for inaccuracies in the tracking mechanism for a system with one- or two-axis tracking. It represents the effect of these inaccuracies as a percentage reduction on the system's DC electrical output.

How you determine the value will depend on the design of the tracker. In the example you give, the tracking error loss value would depend on whether you expect the 4º error to be a constant or maximum value.

I don't have specific suggestions for how to do that. You might run some experimental simulations to see how a difference in tilt angle affects the DC output of the system. For example, you could model a fixed array with a four degree difference in tilt angle to see how the DC output of the array is affected.

Best regards,

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