Gallons per Area (empirical model)

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fernando piris
Gallons per Area (empirical model)

I have a question about the Empirical Model. How can I calculate the value of HTF Gallons per Area in the case I want to use Molten Salt as HTF? Does it change a lot of the value using Therminol? I think that if the empirical model gave me the option to use Molten Salt as HTF is because the solar plant can be modeled in this option or am I wrong?

Paul Gilman

Dear Fernando,

SAM calculates the HTF volume based on the size of the system. As you design the system, you have to decide what changes to make when you choose an HTF. As an initial approximation, you can use the default value of "HTF Gallons per Area" for the molten salt HTF.

Best regards,

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