How to classify cloudy environment based on Irradiance curves?

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How to classify cloudy environment based on Irradiance curves?

Hi Paul,

I required some help. I am attaching a SANDIA report with this question. have a look at page no. 38-39. A number of actual GHI Irradiance graphs are given. Is there a way where I can classify certain Irradiance patterns for some perticular kind of cloudy environment?

In details:

I have developed my own MATLAB codes for generation of clear sky Irradiance, and I succeeded there. Now i want to classify actual Irradiance curves such that, if I say, for example, 'cloudy with little variations' then it will generate (derive) certain curve from clear sky GHI. In this way, I want to feed 'environment' as input and want to get actual irradiance as output. Can you suggest any resources for such kind of classification?

I could generate variations of different amplitude and frequencies which look like actual curves as of those shown in report. So only thing I need to know is which curve is generated under which environmental conditions.



Paul Gilman

Dear Nisarg,

That sounds like an interesting project, but I am afraid I don't have any suggestions, aside from searching the literature.

Best regards,

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