PV + Battery Grid Power Limit

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PV + Battery Grid Power Limit

I'm attempting to model a large scale PV + AC Coupled Storage plant using the Detailed Photovoltaic, Single Owner PPA model using SAM 2017.1.17 r3.

It seems there is no way to impose a grid max power limit to limit the power injected into the grid to some max MW value. I'm trying to impose a 50MW grid interconnection limit that is set by the utility. Since my PV system size is set at 50MWac, I'm finding that it is typical for total export (PV+Battery) to grid to exceed 50MW unless I only discharge during nighttime. And this is not my intent. Is there no way to limit the power injected into the grid?


Paul Gilman

Dear Jason,

When you enable the Detailed Photovoltaic model's battery model with the PPA Single Owner financial model, the only storage dispatch option available is the "manual dispatch option," where you use the hour-by-month schedule for weekdays and weekends to define dispatch periods and timing of battery charging and discharging. It is not possible to set a limit on the grid export or import capacity. However, after running a simulation, you can make adjustments to the dispatch parameters to avoid exceeding such limits. After a few iterations, you should be able to come up with a suitable dispatch strategy given your system design and solar resource.

For the Residential and Commercial financial models, where the battery interacts with a building load, it is possible to set a grid power target for peak shaving, but a similar option is not available with the Single Owner model.

Best regards,

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